The Morse Mouse - Educational Fun with Ham Radio

Chelmsford, UK radio amateur / Ham Charlie M0PZT has released the Morse Mouse App he developed to demonstrate Morse code to young people 

By sending a series of letters in Morse Code, the program aims to develop skill as well as memory.  A laminated A4 crib-sheet is provided to assist with the decoding of each letter but that's not to say that those comfortable with 15-20 wpm contact speeds won't get some fun out of this.

Morse Mouse had its debut in March as part of British Science Week at Sandford Mill Museum when the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) operated from the 2MT Marconi Hut. It certainly unleashed visitor's competitive streak - with people trying to better their score. Alongside some Morse keys and a practice keyer, there was some surprise that Morse Code still plays a major part in communications.

Morse Mouse -