86% pass for South African Radio Exam

The South African Radio League reports the Radio Amateurs Examination held in May 2015 had an 86% pass rate

The oldest person in Class A was 64 years of age and the youngest 13. In Class B there was a candidate of only 11 years old. The highest marks obtained were 98% and 88% respectively.

Of the 147 candidates who enrolled for the May Radio Amateur Examination, only 112 wrote it, 110 in Class A and 2 in Class B. The pass rate was 86%.

Two candidates achieved 100% in Regulations and one achieved 98% in the Technical part. The next exam for those needing a second attempt or for the friends of those who passed is October 2015.

The 90 question (30 Rules/Regs 60 Technical) Class A examination is based on the CEPT Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate syllabus.

The syllabus for the 30 question Class B exam is similar to that of the UK Foundation and permits 100 watts output on HF/VHF/UHF.

Unlike the UK candidates just need to pass the Class A exam to get the highest class of licence there is no requirement to take the lower Class B exam as well. Exams are held in May and October each year.

South African RAE and HF Assessment - http://www.sarl.org.za/public/licences/rae.asp