FCC Considering Proposal to End Modification of IT devices

The FCC is considering a proposal to require manufacturers to lock down computing devices (routers, PCs, phones) to prevent modification if they have a "modular wireless radio"[1][2] or a device with an "electronic label"[3]. 

The proposed rules would likely:

  • Restrict installation of alternative operating systems on your PC, like GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, etc.
  • Prevent research into advanced wireless technologies, like mesh networking and bufferbloat fixes
  • Ban installation of custom firmware on your Android phone Discourage the development of alternative free and open source WiFi firmware, like OpenWrt Infringe upon the ability of amateur radio operators to create high powered mesh networks to assist emergency personnel in a disaster.
  • Prevent resellers from installing firmware on routers, such as for retail WiFi hotspots or VPNs, without agreeing to any condition a manufacturer so chooses.

The FCC is asking for comments on this proposal, hence any interested parties should contact the FCC to advise if the issues with this proposal and either stop or shape the changes.

Comment deadline extended to October 9.

More information - https://libreplanet.org/