Round-the-World Cyclist OZ1AA Returns

Round-the-world cyclist Thomas Andersen, OZ1AA/K9DXX, has completed his around the world trip, returning to his home country of Denmark and completing the trip in the capital Copenhagen.

The journey, started by Anderson in 2010, has seen over 36,000 miles covered upon his bicycle, christened with the call sign OZ1BIKE.

“It has been a great ride through Europe, from the dry Mediterranean coast of Spain to the green countryside of central France all the way up here to the northern latitudes, where the days are getting shorter and colder,” the 33-year-old telecommunications engineer said.

Andersen said that while he was visiting radio amateurs in Barcelona, Spain, and got on the air as EA3/OZ1AA from the station of EA3ALZ. “A couple of days ago I also visited the ‘DX Hotel’ in Holzminden, Germany, run by Carsten Dauer, DM9EE. We had a great time there enjoying great food and I even got on the bands as DL/OZ1AA as well,” he recounted.

Andersen said his bicycle adventure also stemmed from a desire to attempt something that he was not entirely sure he could finish, but it’s been an opportunity to combine his favorite activities — cycling and ham radio.