Radio Ham Licensed for 75 years

Jack Goldfarb W8WGO is an American Ham radio operator with 75 years of operating experience, gaining his callsign when he was 16 

I got my license in April, 1941,” Goldfarb said. “I went downtown (Cleveland) to the FCC office that was in the old post office building. I still remember Mr. Russ was the FCC radio inspector there.
— Jack Goldfarb W8WGO

Goldfarb interest was generated from his interest in electronics. When he was elementary school, Goldfarb would experiment t with telephones, automobile horns and lightbulbs. He also enjoyed building Heathkits, which lead to him building his first transmitter.

Goldfarb then moved on to create a radio club in high school, but it only lasted that one year, closing when he moved on.

Goldfarb graduated from Glenville High School and when the Army and World War II came calling, his radio skills put him in demand.

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