UC Berkeley Elmers Hundreds of Hams

Hundreds of new young radio amateurs have been trained at the University of California, Berkeley 

Ham radio-related courses taught at the University of California Berkeley Campus and a follow-on “Annual VE Mega-Session” may be one reason that California continues to lead the nation in the number of Amateur Radio licensees.

Candidates took the exam on 16 March 2016, yielding 50 new Technician licensees, as well as three new General class, and five new Amateur Extra class licensees. 

For the third year in a row, scores of mostly electrical engineering and computer science students capped their participation in one of two ham radio-related classes taught by UC Berkeley EE/CS Professor Michael “Miki” Lustig, KK6MRI. His lower-division “Hands-On Ham” course is for sophomores, while his upper-division “Digital Signal Processing” course is aimed at juniors and seniors.

“These popular courses are filled quickly on registration day, Class members also include some majoring in mechanical, biological, and nuclear engineering.”
— Professor Michael “Miki” Lustig, KK6MRI

The entry-level course exposes newcomers to ham radio and introduces them to “hacking” and “making,” Lustig explained, while the advanced class “delves into the theoretical applications of digital signal processing, filter design, modulation/demodulation, decoding subcarriers, APRS audio interface techniques, and antenna design.”

Both classes feature hands-on, practical projects that require them to transmit on radio frequencies, so students are motivated, as part of their courses, to become licensed Amateur Radio operators.”

ARRL - http://www.arrl.org/news/uc-berkeley-trains-tests-hundreds-of-new-hams