New 70cms Beacon GB3UHF Operational

A new 70cms beacon, GB£UHF has come online from mid-June 2016.


Located on the same site as the previous beacon (BT Fairseat, Kent - JO01EH), the beacon is located in the same location as it’s sister 2m beacon, GB3VHF.

The beacon uses the same type of 3 element yagi antennas pointing in the same directions as those used on GB3VHF and radiates a similar ERP, so it will prove extremely useful to determine the propagation characteristics of VHF and UHF frequencies simultaneously.

The keying format follows closely to that used by GB3VHF, with FSK Morse identification occurring on the odd minute and with JT65B identification on the even minute. The frequency of the beacon is maintained by a GPS disciplined high stability reference oscillator and the GPS also provides the precise timing of the identifications.

Full details of the new GB3UHF beacon which is operating on 432.430 MHz can be found on the website

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