Radio Amateurs Facing Unnecessary Restrictions

The International Amateur Radio Union Region 3, which covers the Asia Pacific, is concerned by the unnecessary restrictions facing radio amateurs.

The IARU Region 3 conference in Bali last year, through reports and discussion, noted the ongoing difficulties still existing in certain countries.

Those barriers include restrictions on the possession and operation of transmitters and receivers. The IARU lists a number of issues that should be a “baseline” for working with the administrations, such as achieving improvements to licensing, examination and other operating conditions.

Gone should be the old era of ‘Post and Telegraph’ with most now taking on a much broader the role of a national radio regulator. The modern radio amateur in many of the more developed countries now enjoy full operating privileges resulting from subsequent decisions made at the World Radiocommunication Conferences.

In a posting on the Amateur Radio Victoria (VK3) site they say "In support of the Korean Amateur Radio League, Philippine Amateur Radio Association, Amateur Radio Society India and others, the IARU urges the removal of those and similar restrictions."