Australian Clubs 60th Birthday

On Thursday 18th October 1957, what was to become the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club, had it's inaugural meeting where 37 people attended. The club has been a stable part of amateur radio in New South Wales, Australia for the last 60 years, running at one point 15 repeaters and beacon stations. That has since been consolidated to a lower number but still provides analogue and digital voice plus ATV repeaters covering from 6 metres to 23 centimeters.

The club runs regular licence classes and exams, is involved in contests, supports the local WICEN (Emcoms) group and is probably most well known for its annual Hamfest, or Field day as they are called in Australia. The Wyong Field Day run by the CCARC is the largest gathering of Radio Amateurs in the southern hemisphere and it too, will celebrate 60 years on 25th February 2018.

The club is planning celebrations between the 60th club anniversary in October and the 60th Hamfest in February but as is normal with this hard working club, things will most likely be low key.