Sweden Releases Amateur Radio Training Guide

Sweden's National Amateur Radio Society SSA has released a preliminary version of their 599 page (PDF format) training book KonCEPT for the country's CEPT HAREC compatible amateur radio exam 

The update of SSA educational materials has taken over a year to achieve by a small group, whose main focus has been on updating the booklet KonCEPT for Amateur Radio Certificates to a new second edition.

Sweden Releases Amateur Radio Training Guide

The purpose has been to cover the requirements of CEPT HAREC, and to reflect changes in regulations, standards and recommendations in the 20 years since the first edition was published.

Material previously supplied in separate supplements has now been included in the book and several completely new chapters have been added.

SSA Training Guide (PDF in Swedish) - http://akademin.ssa.se/files/koncept-pdf/koncept.pdf