Ham Radio Dummies Books for Schools and Libraries

With the explosive growth in amateur or ham radio, the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club decided to spread the word about of the Amateur / Ham Radio Hobby, with more licensed hams than any other time in history.

Ham Radio For Dummies
By H. Ward Silver

It’s hoped by making available the book “Ham Radio for Dummies”, which explains topics of the amateur/ham radio hobby in simple terms.

The Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club use a grant from LDG Electronics of St. Leonard, MD to send a copy of the book to almost every school and public library in the tri-county area.

Media Story - http://www.athensreview.com/news/ham-radio-for-dummies-books-available/article_07b3b438-f3c7-11e6-9b12-47ab5e933902.html

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