Sunnyvale Ham Radio Outlet Closes

Sunnyvale Ham Radio Outlet has signed off after 26 years as a hub for Silicon Valley’s amateur radio community 

Due in part to rising rent in the city, the outlet at 510 Lawrence Expressway chose to close its doors and merge operations with its Oakland location, according to shop employees.

Some of the costs associated with operating in the Sunnyvale location have absolutely skyrocketed, and the traffic and parking availability in our current Sunnyvale location has become seriously problematic.
— Steve Gimore National Sales Manager, Ham Radio Outlet

Steve Gilmore, national sales manager for Ham Radio Outlet, stated on the store website that changes needed to be made to its Northern California locations.

The store inventory will be packed up and sent to Oakland. Employees have been offered jobs there, but Kelly said none have accepted an offer yet.

“This is depressing. It’s like the end of an era. It’s like your best friend moving away,” Gregg Lane said.

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