Harmonisation of CEPT Novice Licences


In a paper for the IARU Region 1 General Conference the Netherlands national society VERON is proposing the harmonisation of CEPT Novice licences in member countries.
Although it is not clear from the name, the CEPT Novice licence is equivalent to the UK Intermediate, USA General and Australian Standard licence. One countries Novice is another's Standard licence!
Currently there are major differences among the various CEPT member countries in the frequencies permitted and transmitter power for Novice licenced amateurs.
VERON say that because of the international character of the amateur service, these differences are undesirable. 
The paper proposes to start a process to harmonise the use of frequencies and power by Novice licences, with the objective to equalize the differences within European countries. This will lead to more activity and will reduce the use of non-Novice frequencies by Novice stations.
VERON say Novice stations will be able to make more contacts in major contests, and improve their operating skills.
The aim to "equalize" may, however, give rise to some concerns. Such a move might for instance lead to both Power and Band Reductions for Novice holders in some countries if the terms were equalized down to some mid-point between all countries. 
The VERON paper is titled LA17_C3_38 Harmonisation of Novice Licences and comments on this and other papers can be made on the RSGB Forum. Information on downloading IARU-R1 General Conference papers - http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2017/may/discussion-of-iaru-papers-on-rsgb-forum.htm