10-year-old UK Radio Ham

There are just so many things that you can do in it (amateur radio), there are so many opportunities to do things and so many people in the actual community. Everyone in radio is just nice. I actually quite like being the youngest, because I like to prove that young people can do anything anyone older can do. There’s no one close to my age that I know who does this.
— Ben Cridland

Whilst the uneducated perception is of Amateur radio  as a hobby for older people, at the Burton Amateur Radio Club, UK, steps are being taken to promote a more youthful member amongst the 15 Adult members,
Ben Cridland, from Swadlincote first started going to the weekly meetings, held at the Stapenhill Institute, with his father, Rob Cridland G7LAS three years ago - and now he is completely hooked.
The 10-year-old explained that his love for amateur radio comes from the number of different opportunities that come from being involved.
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