EURAO Spring 2017 Party - Watching SSTV

The European Radio Amateurs' Organisation is having a spring party on the air, promoting the motto: "Watching SSTV". The event (not a contest) is a radio meeting with a few simple recommendations.

The slow-scan companion
By C. Grant Dixon, John Wood, Mike Wooding

The event will take place over the weekend of 17-18th June 2017, using bands for SSTV - 3.730, 7.058, 10.132, 14.230, 21.340, 28.680, 50.510 and 144.500 MHz.

To the promotional nature of the event, participants are encouraged to send/watch whatever interests, in any language

QSL cards can be exchanged via the EuroBureauQSL

EUROA would be grateful for any recorded logs to be submitted to them in ADIF format to the following email address -

Award of a Certificate of Participation is available for log senders who have 10% of there contacts confirmed.