Differences in Amateur Radio CEPT Class 1 Licence Exam

A glance at the exams for a CEPT Class 1 equivalent licence in various countries can give the impression the requirements are being interpreted differently

  • UK - 3 papers, 133 questions + many practical assessments
  • Eire - 1 paper, 60 questions
  • France - 1 paper, 40 questions
  • Norway - 1 paper, 28 questions

Some CEPT countries only have a single licence class and a single exam while others, such as the UK, require exams to be passed at different levels before a CEPT Class 1 licence is issued.

Norway has a single class of Amateur Radio license. It is thought the single 28 question exam paper, to get the equivalent of a CEPT Class 1 licence (equal to UK Full), may be the shortest of any CEPT country.

The Norwegian national society the NRRL report that a recent training course in Bergen required 12 evenings of study (total length 24 hours?) and achieved an impressive pass rate of 95%

Examination syllabus for a harmonised amateur radio examination certificate (HAREC) for CEPT Class 1, see Annex 6 - http://www.erodocdb.dk/docs/doc98/official/pdf/TR6102.pdf

Eire amateur radio exam syllabus - http://www.irts.ie/cgi/st.cgi?syllabus

Syllabus for each of the three UK exams - http://rsgb.org/main/clubs-training/tutor-resources-2/syllabus/

Links to question pools containing questions at CEPT Class 1 HAREC standard - http://www.iaru-r1.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=224&Itemid=169