AMSAT-UK Construction Competition

AMSAT-UK will be hosting a Construction Competition at their 2018 Colloquium 13-14 October 2018 at Kents Hill Park Conference Centre, Milton Keynes

AMSAT-UK Construction Competition Rules:

  1. Entries must be built from Kits or Home Constructed

  2. The judging will take place in the presentation room during the Lunch breaks on Saturday and Sunday. The entries need only be present for one of these sessions.

  3. Three judges, nominated by the AMSAT-UK Chairman, will judge each entry on:

    1. External Appearance and Ergonomics

    2. Mechanical Construction

    3. Standard of Internal Wiring

    4. Standard of PCBs or internal circuitry

    5. Originality

  4. The winners will be announced at the end of the Colloquium on Sunday afternoon. Prizes will be forwarded if the winner is not present.

  5. A £50 Amazon Voucher will be awarded to the winner with a £25 Amazon Voucher for the runner-up.

  6. The decisions of the Judges are final, and their marking will remain confidential!

  7. Multiple entries for individuals are allowed and encouraged.

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