Armando M0PAM Champions Local Amateur Radio Rights

After his nightmare neighbour experience, Armando, M0APM is preparing a legal challenge against a nuisance that anyone who takes up amateur radio as a hobby can experience:

Unwanted attention from nightmare neighbours supported by council officials.

Stuart Dixon - G4IYK, who manages the Armando Martins Campaign, wrote: "While dealing with his council housing department, it was noted that knowledge of planning law was in short supply and his rights were affected by this. Several times he was told to take down antenna by council workers and yet these were compliant with planning rules.

During the time we worked with Martins, council workers demonstrated no knowledge of what normal neighbourly behaviour is, or how to separate it from unwanted, aggressive and unlawful behaviour, even though they had sound policies on the topic. M0PAM’s investment in equipment to maintain a livelihood in his retirement was at risk of being trashed and we wanted to prevent the injustice.

We think:

- IT’s NOT OK to drum up false claims against a neighbour or his property for any reason.

- IT’s NOT OK for council workers to support poor neighbour behaviour by taking enforcement action before establishing the facts.

- IT’s NOT OK to condone neighbour aggression or blame the victim of it.

- IT’s NOT OK to stand by and watch such behaviour without challenging it.

There are others who came forward with stories of similar treatment. That’s why we continue to support Armando who is preparing to go to court to highlight the issues and seek a judgement that prevents such behaviour.