CQ DX C4FM Party

WIRESLINK-EA as Group of Friendly Stations C4FM of Spain organized the first Super Fiesta C4FM in the air, entitled "DX en C4FM".

Remember that this is not a contest, it's just a radio meeting with a few very simple 'rules', almost better to call them recommendations.

CQ DX C4FM Party Objective

The idea of this party is to promote the digital modality in the bands of UVHF 50/144/430 and HF, to chat, have fun, meet other radio amateurs from all over the world and check the performance of being able to operate with the C4FM digital protocol. Of course the listener (SWL) is also welcome.

CQ DX C4FM Party Dates and times

Saturday 17th November until Sunday 18th November 2018, 00: 00-24: 00 UTC.

CQ DX C4FM Party Bands and modes

The recommended frequencies (+/-) of digital C4FM phone: 29,100, 51,630, 145,375, 433,700 MHz in the DN and VW modes, you can use the beacon of momitoreo of GM stations before promoting contact

CQ DX C4FM Party Call

"CQ C4FM Party".

CQ DX C4FM Party Exchange

As it is a QSO, not a contest, you can talk about what you want, in any language, and for as long as you want. Anyway, we suggest some typical topics of conversation: name, city, locator, time, antennas, equipment, etc., as well as the simple annotation of the distance shown on the screen.

CQ DX C4FM Party Logs

Only for statistical purposes, we ask the participants to send their logs to wireslinkea@gmail.com in ADIF format, where the name of the file must be their call sign (eg EA7JRS.ADI).

There will be no results or classification, only statistical information about the number of QSOs, countries, indicative, OMs / YLs / Clubs, etc. and of the records of distance reached in each band worked.