Young Amateur Radio Club Contest

The Young Amateurs Radio Club will be holding its’ second ever contest, and first annual Winter QSO Party, sponsored by! on 1st December 2018

The goal of this amateur radio contest is to get the youth involved; to incentivize everyone to get on the air, there are loads of prizes! In order to be eligible for prizes, however, your station must have a median age at or below 30. If you’re over that age, we encourage you to find local young hams and get them involved in your station!

All prizes for the under-30 categories are general purpose gift cards, courtesy of our fantastic event sponsor,

  • First Place, Single-Operator QRP: $25

  • First Place Single-Operator Low: $25

  • First Place Single-Operator High: $25

  • First Place Multi-Single Low: $75

  • First Place Multi-Single High: $75

  • First Place Multi-Multi Low: $75

  • First Place Multi-Multi High: $75

  • First Place School Club: $75

  • Second Place School Club: $75

  • First Place New Contester: $75

  • Second Place, New Contester: $25

The top three scoring entries in each category (under- and over-30) and all stations who work all WY4RC stations on the air during the contest will receive a certificate of achievement.

If you are over the prize eligible age, we strongly encourage you to still participate in the contest and treat it as you’d treat any other. All of these young operators will need people to QSO with!

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