Australian Armistice Centenary Amateur Radio Special Event Callsigns

The WIA has secured special event callsigns for use across all Australian States and Territories, to commemorate the signing of the Armistice that ended World War 1.

These callsigns are VI # PEACE and VI # LWF, with the # representing the call area numerals – one through zero. In addition, VI100PEACE has also been obtained.

The callsigns will be available for use over the nine days between the third and the eleventh of November, now coming up fast.

In particular, look out for Victor_India_9_PEACE from Christmas Island.

Clubs, groups and/or individuals can apply to use the State and Territory callsigns on a roster basis for periods at least 24 hours over the third to eleventh November.

To make application, send an email to with “Armistice callsigns” in the subject line.

These callsigns and their licence fees are paid for by the WIA, and the ACMA has agreed on their use for the nominated period.

ACMA licence conditions apply when using the special event callsigns: applicants must have an Advanced to apply but all levels of licence can operate within the LCD that applies to their licence.