NP2J from U.S. Virgin Islands

Dan Flaig, K8RF, will be active full-time as NP2J from St. Croix upto and during the CQWW DX CW Contest (24-25th November 2018) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (160m) entry.

Mainly working 160 meters now, will have a 40 meter antenna working soon that can be used with antenna tuner to get on 30 and 17 Meters. Planning on putting up Tribander for higher bands by end of year.

Will be on 160 meters for most DX contests this year, but may do all band effort for ARRL contests. I work 90% CW, 10% SSB and 0% Digital.
— Dan Flaig, K8RF

Dan has been very active on Six meters CW earlier this year with a six element Yagi, conditions were excellent but CW activity diminished to almost nothing by the end of the season.

QSL via LoTW