No 5 MHz endorsement for Worked All Continents

The IARU, which sponsors the Worked All Continents award, has made clear that it does not sponsor a 5 MHz (60 metres) endorsement.

All IARU member-societies please note: the IARU Worked All Continents award is not available with an endorsement for 5 MHz. The only band endorsements currently available are for 160, 80, 6 and 2 metres as well as 70 and 23 cm.
— IARU Secretary David Sumner, K1ZZ

The question arose after an individual displaying a purported IARU WAC 5 MHz Award certificate on said other IARU member-societies have been issuing WAC certificates bearing a 5 MHz endorsement under IARU auspices.

Ordinarily, an ARRL member would apply for the award through the League, but this individual's membership had lapsed; he apparently looked elsewhere. ARRL told the individual that the award, displayed over Dave Sumner's signature, "does not match the awards we issue from ARRL, nor can we find any application that was submitted for such an award."

ARRL issues no specific awards for 60 metres. Dave Sumner did say that WAC endorsements for 135.7 kHz and 472 kHz would be available shortly, however.