CTCSS Changes in North Essex, UK

The Martello Tower Group have recently invested in a new TSF2025 Simoco base station to upgrade their three analogue voice repeaters, GB3TE on 2m (Thorpe-le-Soken), GB3CL (Clacton-on-Sea) and GB3CE (Colchester) on 70cms.  

As part of this upgrade, they have taken the opportunity to consolidate the CTCSS tones used for the repeaters so that they’re all the same.  As from Saturday 27th January 2018, all three repeaters are now using 67.0Hz CTCSS (tone A) for access.   It’s also possible to access the repeaters using a 1750Hz tone burst.

The Martello Tower Group provide a wide range of services to radio amateurs in Essex and surrounding areas including three analogue repeaters, a DMR repeater, a D-Star repeater, APRS digipeaters, an SSTV repeater and a number of beacons on the microwave bands.  

More Information - http://martellotowergroup.com