D-STAR Repeater GB7IC Nears 2000 Registrations

The Icom UK D-STAR repeater, GB7IC is approaching 2000 D-STAR callsign registrations. GB7IC's first registration was in April 2008, and ten years later nearly 2000 people have registered via the repeater to the gateway.

To have this many registrations from one D-STAR repeater is an incredible feat and congratulations to the Icom UK team for registering all those users.
— ICom

D-STAR is the worlds most popular digital amateur radio network with currently 1652 repeaters globally*.

In the UK, there are currently, 77 operational D-STAR repeaters with another 12 licensed and more coming online. Many, many more callsigns are registered on these other repeaters.

More information about D-Star - http://www.d-staruk.co.uk