FIFA World Cup 2018 Special Event Station from Kosovo

Members of the Kosovo Amateur Radio Society (SHARK) will activate the special callsign, Z60FIFA, for the 2018 FIFA World Cup event between until the end of the tournament on July 15th.

Under Z60FIFA on, you will also find details/rules for various special "FOOTBALL 2018 Awards" (RADIO MARATHON, World, Participant, Russia and Cities). There will be many special callsigns for each award. Some callsigns with the prefixes R18, RC18 and RU18, and some suffixes ending FWC and FIFA.

There are at least 40 special stations from country-member of FIFA, and at least 25 special Russian stations, each of which symbolizes the team participant of the final tournament of the World Cup 2018. Also, there are 11 special Russian stations, each symbolizing one of 11 cities where the matches of the World Cup will take place as well as 2 special stations of the Organizing Committee RU18WC and R18REF.