Canada Day Contest 2018

This years Annual Canada Day Contest takes place on Sunday 1st July 2018, offering an invation to amateur radio operators around the world to celebrating the anniversary of Canada’s Confederation. Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC).

This event begins on 1st July at 0000 UTC (Saturday, June 30, in North American time zones) and continues until 2359 UTC. Available bands are 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, and 2 meter, on CW and phone. Suggested frequencies for CW are 25 kHz up from the band edge. Look for SSB activity centered on 1.850, 3.775, 7.075, 7.225, 14.175, 21.250, and 28.500 MHz.

Stations in Canada should send their signal report and province or territory. VE0s and stations outside Canada should send the signal report and serial number. Contacts with RAC official stations (RAC suffix) are worth 20 points.

A trophy is awarded for the highest single operator (no power classification), non-Canada participant.