Entry Level License for France?

French national society REF has requested the regulator DGE support the Entry Level License proposal made by IARU to CEPT's Radio Amateur Forum Group (RAFG)

We, therefore, ask for a very sensible simplification of paragraph 1.10 and in this context, the REF wishes that the Administration supports the proposals made by IARU to CEPT’s Radio Amateur Forum Group (RAFG) on the introduction of an Entry Level License (ELL).

We are confident that a more accessible certificate under the conditions proposed by IARU will, as in the countries which have adopted this principle, increase in the number of radio amateurs in France by easier initial access and motivation to progress towards higher levels of competence.

More generally, we observe that in a large number of European countries, the definition of exam questions amateur radio is delegated by the regulator to the national associations of radio amateurs. Such an organization allows matching the review and amateur radio practices and seems to us the ablest to achieve the goal of modernisation sought by the decree.
— REF submission dated 13th May 2018, to a DGE public consultation on the French amateur radio license

REF also highlighted the need to permit unlicensed people to use amateur radio for a short period e.g. students in an ARISS school contact with the International Space Station.

The full submission (Google English) from the REF site - http://tinyurl.com/FranceREF