Sample Belgian Online Ham Radio Exams

Sample exams for the Belgian Basic and HAREC amateur radio exams are available to try online

Belgium has three classes of license but only two multiple choice exams.

The licences are:

  • Basic (ON3) - permits 50 watts within all bands from 3.5-52 MHz plus 144/430 MHz. Not all of each band is permitted.
  • CEPT Novice (ON2) 50 watts all bands 1.81-52 MHz plus 144/430 MHz
  • CEPT Class 1 (ON1/4/5/6/7/8) full permitted power and all bands
  • Basic a 24 question exam taking 24 minutes
  • HAREC a 40 question exam taking 1 hour

With the HAREC exam you are eligible for either a CEPT Class 1 or a CEPT Novice licence depending on how many questions you get right:

  • 50-65% for CEPT Novice
  • 66% or above for CEPT Class 1 (equivalent to UK Full)

There is no requirement to sit the Basic exam, it is possible to take the 1 hour HAREC exam to go straight to a full Class 1 (or Novice) licence.