RSGB 2018 Convention Lectures Latest

The RSGB Convention takes place from 12 to 14 October 2018 at Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre in Milton Keynes.

The Saturday and Sunday of the event is packed with a diverse range of lectures for all levels of expertise and interest.

Magnetic loop antennas offer the amateur radio enthusiast a compelling option for chasing DX and having access to all the HF bands when restricted by size and height of antenna system at your QTH says Rael Paster, M0RTP.

He will give construction tips, tricks and traps and how to automatically tune a magnetic loop along with a look at FT8 and WSPR performance achieved with magnetic loop antennas in the last year.

Dick Harms, PA2DW will describe the enormous restoration project of the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope and the subsequent amateur radio activities.

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