Zello Network linked to the Southern Ireland Repeater Network

The online Zello network has been connected to the Southern Ireland Repeater Network.

This RF network consists of multiple 2m and 70cms repeaters which covers nearly all of the southern half of the island of Ireland.

Licenced radio amateurs on Zello can now access the Irish repeater network by contacting the group moderators. Non-licenced users on Zello will be able to listen to the repeater network but won't be able to talk.

This is one of the first RF repeater - Zello gateways and it's possible that others may soon follow.

Southern Ireland Repeater Group Zello page - https://zello.com/channels/k/e8Tb1

Southern Ireland Repeater Group website - https://sirnrepeaters.blogspot.ie/

Guide to activity levels on the Southern Ireland Repeater Network -  https://ei7gl.blogspot.com/2018/08/network-radio-connection-to-southern.html