2018 CQ WW RTTY Contest

The 2018 CQ WW RTTY Contest starts at 00:00 UTC on 29 September and ends at 23:59 UTC on 30 September with activity on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres.

The observance of established band plans is strongly encouraged. The objective is for amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs in as many CQ zones, countries, US states and Canadian provinces as possible.

The contest exchange is an RST report plus CQ zone number of the station location (e.g., 599 38). Stations in the continental USA and Canada also send QTH (e.g., 599 05 MA).

2018 CQ WW RTTY Contest Rules - http://www.cqwwrtty.com/rules.htm