IARU Region 1 ATV Contest Results Released

The IARU 2019 Region 1 ATV Contest was held on 8/9 June 2019. There were 55 entrants from 9 countries competing, using all bands from 432 MHz to 76 GHz.

The popularity of the geostationary DATV satellite QO-100 has been cited as a possible reason for reduced activity in the IARU Region 1 ATV contest in June

The overall winner was Wim PE1EZU. The best DX was a 70 cm ATV Contact between Rolf F9ZG and Jean-Michel F1AGO at 293 km.

Participation was reduced from last year (100 to 55), possibly because of the distraction caused by ATV Activity on QO-100.

Full results are presented in the following pages. The BATC 2m and 4m ATV contest results have also been included for information only.

Please don’t forget next year’s IARU ATV Contest on 13/14 June 2020.

IARU Region 1 ATV contest Results - https://www.iaru-r1.org/index.php/vhfuhsshf/contest-matters/cr