IARU Region 2 Agrees 15m Satellite Allocation

The 20th General Assembly of IARU Region 2 in Lima Peru ended on Wednesday 3rd October 3, 2019.

Participating in the Assembly were a total of twenty member societies, fifteen of them present and the other five participating via proxy, as follows:

Present at 20th General Assembly of IARU Region 2 in Lima Peru

Canada, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, Curacao, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Uruguay, Peru

By proxy - 20th General Assembly of IARU Region 2 in Lima Peru

  • Dominican Republic, proxy to El Salvador

  • Costa Rica, proxy to Honduras

  • Venezuela, proxy to Peru

  • Panama, proxy to Guatemala

  • Ecuador, proxy to Canada

During the third plenary, the presidents and secretaries of the different working committees presented their proposals, which were analyzed and discussed and voted by the delegates.

In administrative matters, the main issues addressed were the proposed modifications to the IARU Region 2 Constitution and Bylaws, which were all approved by the participating member societies to comply with current banking requirements.

Regarding band planning, the recommendation that 21,125 to 21,450 kHz in the 15-meter HF band be used for satellite communications on a non-exclusive basis was accepted, which will be aligned with the allocations in the other regions and will be used for uplinks. The satellite coordination group proposed:

  • the creation of a Satellite Communications Workshop;

  • that a representative of the Satellite Coordination Panel be present in this Workshop;

  • that the Panel maintains communication with all IARU R2 member societies.

The Financial Committee analyzed the financial documentation and issued a favorable verdict regarding the approval of the financial statements and the approval of the budget for the next three years of operation.

Proposed by Radio Club Argentino, and voted by the General Assembly, Buenos Aires will be the venue of the 21st General Assembly in 2022.

At the end of the meeting, the General Assembly carried out the election of Executive Committee members, and the following persons were elected for the next three years:

Elected Officers

  • President Ramón Santoyo, XE1KK

  • Vice-president José Arturo Molina, YS1MS

  • Secretary George Gorsline, VE3YV

  • Treasurer John “Jay” Bellows, KØQB

Elected Directors

  • Area A Director George Gorsline, VE3YV

  • Area B Director John “Jay” Bellows, KØQB

  • Area C Director Ramón Santoyo, XE1KK

  • Area E Director Tommy Chen, 9Y4T

  • Area F Director Gustavo de Faria Franco, PT2ADM

  • Area G Director Carlos Beviglia, LU1BCE

This Executive Committee will start its functions on 15th November 2019.

The General Assembly thanked Radio Club Peruano for hosting the Assembly and for their excellent organization and the help provided.

In a subsequent Executive Committee meeting, outgoing President Reinaldo Leandro, YV5AM, thanked Noel Donawa for his more than 20 years of volunteer service and Ernesto Syriani for his contribution as Area G Director, both will not continue as Executive Committee members. Then, he welcomed new members, explained them about the current working methodologies and encouraged member societies to participate more actively in the organization. He also thanked the coordinators and volunteers that cooperated so that the 20th General Assembly of IARU-R2 was successful.

More information - http://www.lima-2019.net/

IARU Region Two - http://www.iaru-r2.org/