SARL 2019 AGM Video

The 2019 AGM of the South African Radio League held on Saturday 13th April 2019 was live streamed on YouTube

The SARL "Unlocking Amateur Radio Technology" Symposium took place at the Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch on Friday, April 12 and was attended by 60 people. The presentations were well received; a lot of interesting discussions took place.

Registration for the AGM started at 07:00 at the Data Voice House Auditorium in the Techno Park and at 09:30, Nico, ZS6QL welcomes everybody present. The Stellenbosch AGM has taken the lead in the AGM attendance figures. There were 73 members in attendance carrying 298 proxies, giving a total of 371 votes - 20 more than the 2018 AGM. The eldest radio amateur at the meeting was Dennis, ZS1AU aged 90 and the youngest was Alastair, ZS6S aged 17. The partners enjoyed the visit to JC le Roux for the champagne and nougat tasting.

The Financial documents were discussed and approved by the meeting as well as the new subscription fees for 2019/2020. The three motions were discussed and will now be voted on electronically by all the League members. The SARL Secretary will send out a SARL Communication giving all the information about the voting process.

The Sandton ARC and the ZS6ZU Hammies Club will be hosting the 2020 SARL Day of the Radio Amateur.

During the afternoon, the VHF/UHF and the SOTA meeting took place.

SARL thanks Jan van der Vyver, ZS1VDV for making live-streaming possible.