FreeDV QSO Party

Amateur Radio Experimenters Group is sponsoring a new event during 27th and 28th April 2019 designed for people to 'come and try FreeDV', the new digital HF voice transmission mode developed by David VK5DGR.

The FreeDV QSO Party is all about getting on the air with this new mode and encouraging people to try making as many QSOs as possible with it.

The latest 700D version of FreeDV has performance characteristics that rival SSB voice while delivering the signal in less than 1kHz. To get on the air, you can use open source free software. Just couple your computer to your radio (the same interface you use for FT8 would do), and your headset and microphone to your computer, configure the program and away you go!

Waterfall images can also be seen on the AREG website.

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