UK Amateur Radio Foundation Level Training Manual Released for Kindle

The RSGB Foundation Licence Manual is now available in the convenient electronic Kindle format

The Foundation Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs is the RSGB course-book for those who wish to become radio amateurs in the UK.

This book sets out to provide the very latest information required to obtain a UK Foundation licence. Broken down into 15 easy to digest sections Foundation Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs covers all you will need to know to be successful in the examination.

This book provides insight into technical basics, receivers, transmitters, antennas, feeders and propagation. There are details of the operating practices & procedures you will need to know alongside safety considerations, electromagnetic compatibility and licence information.

The practical assessments are explained and there is a helpful guide to how to best approach the Foundation examination itself.

The manual is written for the new 2019 syllabus that will be used for exams from September.

Foundation Licence Manual -

Intermediate Licence Manual -

Full Licence Manual -