Arduino and RF from kHz to 1 GHz

RFZero have announced the RFzero - a multipurpose Arduino RF and GPS controlled platform, that can generate frequencies from 2605 Hz and beyond 200 MHz.

At the same time 28 I/O pins are available and eight of those are via an ULN2803A power driver.

The typical use of the RFzero is as a beacon (IBP, SPB, CW, FT8, JT9, PI4 and WSPR), Qatari Oscar 100 dual LO or as low cost 10 MHz GPSDO. A dozen example programs (sketches) are integrated into the Arduino IDE.

The RFzero has been developed for radio amateurs, RF enthusiasts and everyone else who wants to extend the Arduino skills in combination with RF. The RFzero board is largely compatible with the Arduino Zero and Arduino M0 boards, however, it has been carefully designed for flexible use in RF applications and with attention to the frequency spectrum and stability performance.

Using the RFzero you can learn how to program an RF device and other electronic circuits or you can learn about RF circuits if you are already skilled in software development. The setup is very flexible, you can roll your own programs from scratch or you can use the RFzero library and example programs together with the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

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