1.5 kW ham Amateur Radio Licence Achieved by 9 year old

On May 11, the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club, Maryland, US held amateur radio license testing for attendees of their latest licensing class. The testing was held at the Public Safety Training Center in Westminster. One special participant was 9-year-old Caleb Marquart [now KC3NKX], who attended the class with his aunt Heather Palmer KC3NLA.

To pass the class, club president Peter Hiltz WV3S said, “Caleb had to learn electronics and amateur radio etiquette sufficient to pass a Federal Communications Commission test. The test is 35 questions. Out of a pool of 300, you need to get 26 correct to pass. Caleb, with help from his mom Rebecca, read the training guide, attended our class and took practice tests.”

Hiltz said Caleb’s mom, Rebecca Marquart KC3MJE, successfully graduated from a previous training class. Of those attending the May 11 class, 83% passed the test, with some having gained enough knowledge to immediately take the upgrade test and progress to the mid-level license.

In honor of Caleb’s achievement, the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club presented Caleb with his first ham radio, a walkie-talkie capable of connecting to the club’s local voice system and letting him chat with fellow hams throughout Carroll County and a bit beyond.
— Peter Hiltz WV3S