104-year-old Radio Ham who Helped put Humans on the Moon

A newspaper reports on the contribution of scientists and radio amateur J. Cary Nettles W5SRR to the US space program. Cary celebrated his 104th birthday on 8th July 2019.

Cary was licensed 74 years ago in 1945 and is currently active on the 40m, 2m and 70cm bands.

At 103 [article published July 7], Nettles works on rebuilding steamer train engines in his basement. He spends an hour or two on ham radio each day. He watches his beloved Atlanta Braves, makes himself lunch and gets around the house just fine, often without using a walker.

Nettles, believed to be the nation’s oldest living rocket scientist, helped save the U.S. space program that put humans on the moon 50 years ago.

More Information - https://tennessean.com/story/news/2019/07/07/moon-landing-1969-rocket-scientist-j-cary-nettles/1499131001/