FT8 Digital Mode Club 2nd Anniversary

Eight special event stations will be active from August 10-24 to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC)

All stations use a call suffix of FTDMC or FTDM. Special QSL cards confirming all QSOs and logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL.

The special event stations are:

  • A91FTDMC (Bahrain, Operator A92AA, QSL via A92AA)

  • II8FTDM (Italy, operator IK8YFU, QSL via IK8YFU)

  • LX8FTDM (Luxembourg, operators LX1TI, LX1JH, LX1HD, QSL via LX1TI)

  • OD5FTDMC (Lebanon, operator OD5TE, QSL via K3IRV)

  • OE19FTDMC (Austria, operators OE1SGU and OE4VIE, QSL via OE1SGU)

  • TM8FTDM (France, operators F1ULQ and F4ESV, QSL via F1ULQ)

  • TO8FTDM (Guadeloupe, operator FG8OJ, QSL via F1ULQ)

  • ZL6FTDMC (New Zealand, operator ZL1MVL, QSL via F1ULQ)

An FTDMC Anniversary Award can be earned by working the FTDMC and FTDM stations and collecting points applicable for various award classes:

  • Bronze: 10 QSO’s with at least 3 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations

  • Silver: 15 QSO’s with at least 4 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations

  • Gold: 20 QSO’s with at least 5 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations

  • Platinum: 30 QSO’s with all activated 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations.

FT8DMC site - https://www.ft8dmc.eu/

FT-8 is supported by WSJT-X - http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx.html