ARDF Record at YOTA 2017

Dutch Amateur Radio Operator Suzan PD3SZN established a record for the fastest time among women in the ARDF competition at YOTA 2017 in Gilwell Park

In the afternoon an ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) hunt was organised at the camp. The 2m and 80m bands were used. The Dutch team won first place in the 2m hunt. Suzan PD3SZN established another record for the fastest time among the women competing. It was a challenge to find all 5 stations. Many passed the transmitter locations several times. Those who were not tired out by the first hunt could hunt again using the 80m band. Later in the day, during the closing ceremony, it was announced that Lennart PD5LKM, along with 2 other competitors, had set the fastest times in the 80m hunt.

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