6m Digital Segment for Bulgaria

Bulgarian radio amateurs have obtained temporary access to the digital portion of the 50MHz band, 50.310 to 50.335MHz.

Previously their allocation was restricted to just 50.05 to 50.2MHz, which excluded digital usage such as FT8.

A key objective of WRC-19 is to extend 50MHz access to all countries across Region 1.

French CEPT paper still wants 144-146 MHz for Aeronautical

The French administration has renewed its attack on the Amateur Radio 144-146 MHz band ahead of a key CEPT ECC CPG meeting in Ankara, 26-30 August 2019.

In a paper to be considered at the conference the French Administration says it is not at this time seeking Primary status for the Aeronautical Mobile Service in 144-146, however, their intent is still that the Aeronautical should share the amateur 2m band.

It is clear where such sharing would inevitably lead, amateur operation in the band would only be tolerated if there were no interference to Aeronautical Mobile. Radio Amateurs might be subject to heavy restriction and low EIRP limits.

We can get on idea of France's long term intent for 144 MHz from their attitude to the 1240-1300 MHz band. It was initially said the Galileo constellation could amicably share this allocation and amateur operation could continue but now France says "unregulated use of the band 1240-1300 MHz by the amateur service is a serious source of harmful interference to RNSS receivers."

The French paper CPG(19)137 F - AI10 - Non safety AMS-background information - https://www.cept.org/Documents/cpg/53024/cpg-19-137_f-ai10-non-safety-ams-backgroud-information

Save 2 Meter story French administration strikes back at IARU - https://www.save2m.org/2019/08/french-administration-strikes-back-at-iaru/

144 MHz Threat -Switzerland's Suggest Aeronautical Co-Primary

In relation to access by the Aeronautical Mobile Service to the amateur radio 144 MHz band Switzerland's Ofcom says: 'a possible so-called co-primary usage between both services could be examined'

For us radio amateurs of course this application is a real threat, because we do not see how the amateur radio service with its many powerful 2m stations for DX connections, contests or EME and the service “Aeronautical” could stand side by side on this band without it comes to operating restrictions. The USKA has therefore sent an official letter to OFCOM on 10 July 2019 with our point of view and our concerns regarding the 2m band, as well as other requests related to the WRC 19.

OFCOM's Head of Frequency Planning has also responded quickly, assuring that it is not a matter of depriving radio amateurs of primary use. However, a possible so-called "co-primary" usage between both services could be examined.

Of course, our goal is to preserve the sole exploitation rights of the 2m band, and we will do our utmost to avert such "co-primary" usage. We are therefore in close contact with the DARC and the ÖVSV.

Full USKA Report - https://tinyurl.com/SwitzerlandUSKA