JS8Call 1.0.0 General Release

Version one of JS8Call has been released, adding improvements and fixing issues from the third release candidate

JS8Call Changelog

  • Removed expiration and warnings

  • Fixed #160: HB ACKs not stopped during QSO with the new checkmark setting

  • Fixed QSO start time when you selected a station callsign

  • Fixed #163: Removed DATA from logging

  • Fixed defaults for HB and CQ repeat menus

  • Updated to spot local station information once every 15 minutes

  • Updated labeling for disabled HB ack

  • Updated label to be JS8NET

  • Updated icon tooltip in Call Activity

  • Updated copyright

  • Updated about repository URL

JS8Call download - http://files.js8call.com/latest.html

New Issue 17 - HackSpace Magazine Available for Download

Issue 17 of the free magazine HackSpace features Long-range radio communications made easy with LoRa

This issue includes:

  • Long-range radio communications made easy with LoRa

  • Adafruit (Limor Fried AC2SN) Feather M0 RFM96 LoRa Radio 433 MHz

  • Jo Hinchliffe MW6CYK describes how to lay out a simple PCB in KiCad

  • Go further together by Dr Lucy Rogers M6CME

Download the free PDF of HackSpace issue 17 April 2019 - https://hackspace.raspberrypi.org/issues

MagPi Features Ham Radio

The Raspberry Pi magazine MagPiissue 80 is an Amateur Radio Special that features articles by Dave Honess M6DNT and Rob Zwetsloot. The PDF is available Free

The amateur radio articles appear on pages 62-75:

  • Pictures from Space via Ham Radio - Have you ever wanted to receive a radio signal from space? It's fun and a lot easier than you might think!

  • What is Ham Radio?

  • Using Ham Radio with Raspberry Pi

  • Amazing Ham Radio Projects - 7 projects

Download the Free MagPi magazine issue 80 PDF - https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/80/