Girl Guide Achieves Amateur/Ham Radio Licence

14-year-old Madeleine Dale, a member of her local Girl Guide group has gained her amateur/ham radio licence, motivated by a talk given by her local amateur radio club.

Inspiration was given by Colin Lyne (M0TCN) of the Colburn and Richmondshire District Amateur Radio Society. The talk covered how the radio works and made contact with an amateur radio user in America, who spoke to the girls about the amateur/ham radio hobby.

Madeleine completed her training and passed the foundation exam with a 98% mark.

It’s quite fun to plan who you’ll make contact with on a big map, you still have to be careful as you would on social media not to give out an address or postcode or personal information like that. But it’s more personal than social media because you’re just talking to someone directly.
— Madeleine Dale