Series Three Episode Seventeen - Low Frequency

Series Three Episode Seventeen of the ICQ Podcast has been released. The latest news, your feedback, upcoming events and Roger Lapthorn (G3XBM) joins Martin (M1MRB) to discuss low frequency.

  • Illegal FM stations is 'terrorism' in Pakistan

  • New 10GHz world record

  • Wireless Telegraphy devices exemption changes

  • RCE Standards Committee report

  • Spanish fishery pirates

  • 433MHz and 3.6MHz in New Zealand

  • IARUMS to clean-up 40 metres

  • National radio frequency plan gazetted

  • Free 'QSL Gateway' from USA to Europe

  • ROS development definitely continues

  • VK8NSB SSTV Repeater

  • German Radio Amateur arrested in Lebanon

  • More geomagnetic storms?

  • High efficiency solar cells

  • Plasma TV interference complaints

  • Irish church intruders