Series Three Episode Eighteen - RSGB President

Series Three Episode Eighteen of the ICQ Podcast has been released. The latest news, your feedback and David Wilson (M0OBW) joins us to discuss the hobby and his involvement with the RSGB

  • Hams exempt from RFI ordinance

  • Donated spy radio

  • Intern builds amateur radio station

  • LED technology interference

  • Aviation fears over powerline

  • Interference investigation

  • Radio hams support Pakistan floods

  • YL team for Sumburgh Head lighthouse

  • Nature Conservation Association needs Hams

  • New version of MMSSTV released

  • Changes at BARTG 2010

  • National Hamfest Award 2010

  • Amateur Radio Gets People Talking

  • NZ ATV forced digital

  • India's hams get 6 metres