Series Four Episode Eleven - Worldwide Contributors News

Series Four Episode Eleven of the ICQ Podcast has been released. The latest news, your feedback, Steve Nichols (G0KYA) Propogation Report, Down Under Report from Ed Durrant (VK2ARE) and a North American HamBrief from Chris Mathieu (N7ICE)

  • Apply to the National Amateur Radio Emergency Database

  • International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend Coming Soon

  • CASHOTA Ireland and UK Activity Weekend

  • Education Through Amateur Satellites

  • New US 4-metre Band Beacon

  • PSAs for Amateur Radio

  • Thousands of Ham Radio Equipment Stolen

  • Walton Fire Rescue Gets Ham Radios

  • Enigma Exhibition

  • New Radio Listening Guides for Asia-Pacific

  • New 40m beacon tests NAVIS conditions

  • Decline in UK Amateur Exam Passes

  • Saluting Those That Serve