Series Four Episode Twelve - BHI Noise Cancellation


Series Four Episode Twelve of the ICQ Podcast has been released. The latest news, your feedback and Graham Somerville (M3ZGS) joins us to discuss BHI Noise Cancellation products.

  • Radio Show about Amateur / Ham Radio
  • Is USA 420-440 MHz safe?
  • National Amateur / Ham Radio Club of the Year winners
  • London Olympic 70cm tests
  • 6C8G Amateur / Ham Radio valves (tubes) wanted
  • Out-of-this-world communications for Children and the Pope
  • P3-E and P5 Amateur Radio satellites update
  • No more morse in Japan test
  • Australian top Amateur / Ham Radio DXCC’rs
  • Radio Nord Revival back on 603 kHz
  • 2011 70 MHz Sporadic-E season has opened
  • Sun becomes more active again
  • RSGB to sell Luso radio tower
  • Long-distance ham radio bicyclist rides from Alaska to Texas

Colin Butler

Colin Butler is a podcaster, journalist, blogger and IT industry professional with over 15 years of IT experience.

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