Sweden loses 2.3 GHz band

Swedish radio amateurs have lost the 2300 MHz band although they have gained some spectrum at 1.8 MHz.

The Swedish Amateur Radio Society (SSA) has announced the loss of the 2300 MHz band with effect from October 1. 2400-2450 MHz is still allocated for amateur radio operation but the power there is limited to just 100 milliwatts at the antenna.

Sweden used to have "Top Band" allocations of 1810 - 1850 kHz (max 1 kW) and 1930 - 2000 kHz (max. 10 W). From October 1 this will change to 1810 - 1850 kHz with 1 kW and 1850 - 2000 kHz with a maximum of 10 watts. Power output is measured at the antenna.

Sweden - Microwave Spectrum Issues at EME 2012 - http://www.uk.amsat.org/?p=10253

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